WCF Online Chess Fair Play Agreement
All players and guardians (if players are U18) must agree to the below Fair Play Agreement prior to participation in WCF online chess events hosted on Chess.com, including the Seattle Fall Open, WA G/60 Championship, WA Blitz Championship, SPFNO, WA Challenger's Cup, WA Scholastic (K-12) Mini-Teams Championship, WA Class Championships, WA Class Blitz Championship, Northwest Chess Winter Open, and Washington Winter Classic.
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By checking the boxes below, I agree to follow the fair play agreement terms in accordance with maintaining the highest possible standards of ethics and fair play during my online chess games. This agreement is required by the Washington Chess Federation prior to participation in all online chess tournaments. Players who break the agreement will face forfeiture of their games, expulsion from the tournament, and sanctions by the WCF and US Chess. *
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