Borough of Dunellen: Cablevision User Survey
As part of the Franchise Agreement renewal process the Borough is undertaking with Cablevision/Optimum/Altice (hereinafter, Cablevision for the purposes of this survey), we are asking Dunellen consumers of Cablevision services for their opinions on Cablevision and we are requesting suggestions on how to make Cablevision's service more fair, effective, and tailored for the unique needs of our borough and its residents.
Are you presently a subscriber to cable television?
If Yes, number of sets connected to cable:
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Why do you subscribe to cable television?
Are you satisfied with Cablevision’s service?
Please rate Cablevision’s rates:
Please provide your comments on Cablevision rates:
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How does Cablevision compare to previous cable systems you have used?
Please provide your comments on the above Question:
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Have you had any of the following problems in the last six months?
Would you say that outages occur...
Please rate Cablevision’s service in the following areas: (G=Good; S=Satisfactory; P=Poor; N/A=Not Applicable)
Routine service response including installation
Emergency service response
Telephone accessibility
Billing adjustments
Courtesy of employees
Basic programming selection
Premium programming selection
Have you ever watched public, educational and governmental ("PEG") access programming?
Would you be interested in seeing more municipality specific programming such as local news, Council Meetings, Board of Education Meetings, local sports, programs for Seniors and educational programs?
If Yes, please state your preferences and/or provide suggestions:
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Additional Comments/Feedback. Please take this opportunity to detail any problems you have had with Cablevision and make any suggestions you think might assist Cablevision in improving their service to the residents of Dunellen:
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