PFLOTRAN Short Course Registration
June 4th - 6th 2019
University of Bern, UniS building, Bern, Switzerland
Tentative program
Topics during the first two days include:

Introduction to process models and governing equations
Code compilation and installation
Input deck, options and format
Visualization and post-processing in Paraview
Execution and visualization of simple example problems

Advanced topics for the third day:

Advanced input options (e.g. Python scripting, hdf5 datasets, tolerances etc.)
Worked example 1: Reactive transport models of radioactive waste repositories
Worked example 2: Models of geothermal systems
Interactive example problem according to participant’s interests
Q & A with PFLOTRAN developers

Shortcourse Audience
Although participants should have a general background in the principles of hydrogeology and chemistry, the course gives an introduction to theoretical aspects of fluid flow, solute transport, and heat transport in the subsurface, as well as to modelling of geochemical processes such as water-mineral-gas reactions, surface sorption or biochemical reactions. Several hands-on simulation cases ranging in difficulty from simple to complex will familiarize the participants with the use of PFLOTRAN, including input deck generation, execution, post-processing and visualization.
Course Fee 150 CHF
Payment instructions: The University of Bern does not (yet) have a credit card payment system for this kind of purpose. Therefore, we would kindly ask you to transfer the course fee to the University bank account before April 30th, 2019. Upon registration (click "Next") we will send you a confirmation and an invoice with the account details.
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