Central and East Harlem County Committee Submission.

To help increase voter turnout and to gain additional ability to make change in the political process, we ask you to join the county committee in April 2023. The work involved is quite minimal but you can have big impact on the district. Over the years, the Harlem’s county committee voted in Brian Benjamin, Cordell Cleare, Bill Perkins and Eddie Gibbs as the Democratic Party Nominee. There are about 230 county committee members in East and Central Harlem each. (to learn more about what is county committee, your obligations, your impact, visit this page)

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What you need to do

Step 1: Fill out this google form with your contact info

Step 2: In March, you will be given a petition form with your name on it. Your assigned task is to ask 10-20 registered Democrats who live in your selected election district for their signatures. Typically people just ask their neighbors during some events in your building. In this process, please also explain to others why they should vote in the primary election in June 2023 so they can vote for you. In mid April, return the form to a contact we provide you. They typically would be your district leader. In late May, you will be informed whether your petition form (or your signatures) are accepted and whether you "won the election" due to lack of competition.

Step 3 (optional): In mid June, you will see your name on the election ballot in the polling station!  This step is optional but we hope you can speak to your neighbors to encourage them to come out to vote. If you did not win the election, we will work with the district leaders to appoint you to other vacant seats if any is available

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