Summer School Interest Survey
The intent of this survey is to get input from the entire student body at both Edge Himmel Park and Edge Northwest regarding their interest in summer school which is scheduled to take place from Monday, June 8th through Thursday, June 25th. Results of this survey will be used to determine what subjects are offered in summer school and what time of day summer school will take place. The current cornavirus pandemic warrants that summer school will need to look different this year. Your time and your opinions are important to us.
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How interested are you in attending summer school at Edge if it is offered in a distance learning format, with you working from home and getting help from teachers by phone or video conferencing? *
What subjects would you most want to take during summer school? *
If you were to enroll in summer school in a distance learning format, what hours of the day are you most likely to work on the course and need teacher support? *
If the subject of the course you most wanted to take in summer school was offered but taught by a teacher at the other Edge campus would you still be interested in summer school? (Assume an online format) *
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