Hands Off Arkansas Minimum Wage
Dear Arkansas lawmakers,

I strongly oppose you weakening the Arkansas minimum wage that voters just approved last November with over 68 percent of the vote. The election was only two months ago and I am saddened that some lawmakers are already trying to undermine it.

Please trust Arkansas voters and oppose SB115 by Sen. Ballinger and HB1752 and HB1753 by Rep. Lundstrum.

The bills roll back the minimum wage increase we just passed for a huge portion of Arkansas workers including:
• Anyone employed by a business with less than 25 employees.
•  Anyone employed at a school, college, or nonprofit organization.
• Anyone under the age of 19.

Arkansas voters approved the Arkansas minimum wage increase because we know that:
•  Families shouldn't be trapped in poverty when they work hard and play by the rules.
• Increasing our minimum wage will boost the economy by increasing consumer spending.
•  Increasing our minimum wage will reduce employee turnover and increase productivity.
• Extensive economic research shows that increasing the minimum wage doesn't hurt employment or job creation
• A lot of business owners support raising the minimum wage.

Please VOTE NO on SB115, HB1752 and HB1753 and respect Arkansas' voters decision to raise our minimum wage!

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