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Dear Redeemer Community,

As noted in Reverend Kate’s message on May 21st, Bishop Gates and the Diocesan leadership have developed a four-phased re-gathering guide for churches to follow called Journey by Stages. The Vestry has approved the establishment of a committee to implement the plan with our church community’s health and safety as its priority. We will be thinking through each phase and how it relates to our congregation and staff, our building and all who use it, and our capacity to create a safe environment.

This set of guidelines are stricter than the guidelines established by Governor Baker for Massachusetts. Our re-gathering process is designed to be deliberate and gradual. Along the way we will still be offering ways for us to connect virtually and develop protocols to limit access to the church building so we can be as safe as possible. Formation will not happen in-person for a while. Clergy are planning contingencies for youth formation for the fall. Details to be provided later this summer.

It’s important to us to understand how you are currently connecting with Redeemer as well as to gauge your comfort level in each phase of the re-gathering effort. To do so, we’ve developed the following survey to be completed by EACH member of the household. Please share this link and for parents with young children, we defer to you about completing it with or for your child. We expect to administer it, with minor adjustments, a few times over the next 3, 6 and 9 months. We are also surveying the Redeemer staff and volunteers who access the building on a regular basis.

Please complete this survey in a timely manner. Your feedback is extremely important to our shared understanding of how we are currently engaging. In addition, we want to have a shared understanding of when we will return to the church building for worship, mission activities, and fellowship.

Your candid replies are needed and most welcome. We hope you’ll include your name, but if you prefer to remain anonymous, that is fine, too. Thank you!

Your Re-gathering Team,

Paula Antonevich
Cassie Bowlby
Erica Brotschi
Murray Daniels
Christopher Huggins
Lori Wright
Rev. Kate Ekrem
Rev. Andrew Goldhor

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Online Worship
Since the building closure, we have made worship available via live stream via the Redeemer website and Facebook page.
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Do you have a suggestion(s) to improve the virtual worship experience?
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Since the building closer we have hosted virtual coffee hour using the Zoom platform.
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Do you intend to participate in virtual coffee hour during the summer months?
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As we move towards re-gathering in the church building, there will be strict guidelines.

Assuming new, very strict sanitizing and distancing guidelines are in place for worship in the Sanctuary (including wearing of face masks, no physical touch, no Eucharist, standing at least 6’ apart, staggered seating in the pews, paper bulletin (not re-used), no singing and live singing/music, no fellowship/coffee hour, no formation)
At this time, how likely are you to attend worship IN-PERSON on Sunday morning? *
Virtual Sunday service and fellowship will continue for quite some time to ensure most members can participate. Assuming the new strict guidelines noted in the previous question, at this time how likely are you to stream online worship and coffee hour on Sunday morning?
J2A Formation, Youth Group, and Book Club
Some Redeemer-related groups met virtually. If you participated in a virtual meeting, please check all that apply to you.
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Is this a group you participated in before?
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Were the virtual meetings effective?
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If so, how?
If not, what improvements would you suggest?
Phone Tree
Since March 25th, we have implemented an opt-in phone tree in which parishioners call one another every 3-4 weeks for the purpose of checking in and connecting outside of the virtual coffee hour.
Are you participating in the phone tree? *
If so, would you like to continue?
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If you did not opt-in, would you like to join now?
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Do you have a suggestion to improve the phone tree?
To join or to be removed from the phone tree list, please contact Paula Antonevich:
Thank you for completing this survey.
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