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The BioHacking Village celebrates global health ingenuity arising from maker communities from the dynamic perspective of emerging biology, technology, and human-enhancement. Whether your interest lies in security, technology, engineering, science, devices, or fabrication, donors to the BioHacking Village can be assured they are reaching an audience of unapologetically enthusiastic innovators.

As a donor, you’ll have the opportunity to:

- Associate your brand with cutting edge biohacking, the intersection of technology and biology
- Access to emerging technologies and the people behind them
- Meet with inventors, students, community leaders, academics, tech and social bloggers
- Join in a high-trust, high-collaboration safe space for medical device makers, healthcare providers, and security researchers that promotes collaboration and teamwork among these communities
- Provide a supported medical device product and a validated configuration for the week as well as personnel to provide further insights and on-site support
- Engage with security researchers in our Medical Device Hacking Lab who may make great external teammates or hiring candidates.

For more details on sponsoring the Biohacking Village, please view our sponsorship package
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