Safety Patrol Application (2021-2022)
This application should be filled out completely by any 5th Grade student who is willing to serve the MES community as a member of the Safety Patrol Team.  Parent permission is requested at the bottom.
The duties for Safety Patrol are helping maintain a safe and orderly arrival and dismissal for school students, along with daily flag presentation. Students assigned to Safety Patrol must be available for duty from 8:40-9:10 AM and 3:40-4:00 PM during their assigned weeks (about once a quarter for a three week rotation).
Training: More details to come.

Safety Patrol Criteria:
* Honor commitment he/she has made by showing up consistently on-time for assigned duty and carrying out the duty to the best of his/her ability.
* Alerting an advisor of absences; and
* Recognizing that being on Safety Patrol is an honor and privilege that can be revoked if the student is not meeting MES Behavior, Academic or Attendance expectations.

Safety Patrol Contract: MUST READ

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Write a short statement describing the qualities you feel will make you an excellent choice as a MES Safety Patrol representative.
I have read and will abide by the Morrisville Safety Patrol Contract (see link above in opening statement)  if I am chosen to be a member of the Safety Patrol team.  I also understand if at any time I am unable to fulfill my duties I may be removed from the Safety Patrol team. *
My parents and I understand that all current health and safety guidelines must be followed.  Masks are currently optional outdoors, so it is at my discretion to wear one or not. (7/14/21)                                          I understand and will abide by current health and safety guidelines. *
My parent is willing to help with my transportation during assigned weeks. *
My current Classroom Teacher would: (a list of applicants will be sent to teachers to confirm) *
By writing your name below and submitting the parent and student are agreeing to submit this application and all of the information contained within. (Student name/ parent name) *
Is there any other pertinent information we would need to know for planning purposes?
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