The Geauga County Beekeepers Association Eleanor Spirka Memorial Youth Scholarship Application/Agreement for 2022
Note: a portion of this application requires a parent or guardian to complete. Do not start application process until a parent or guardian is with you to complete their portion.
To educate youth in the art of beekeeping and to promote a better understanding of the value of honey bees to our environment and to the food chain.
To provide an opportunity for youth to experience responsibility and enjoyment through beekeeping.
To provide an avenue for youth to engage in an avocation and gain the potential to pursue beekeeping as a sideline or full time vocation
One year family membership in the Geauga County Beekeepers Association.
One seat in the Beginning Beekeepers Class taught by Dale Olson. The class manual would still need to be purchased for $15-$20 (depending upon current cost)
A set of wooden-ware for a beehive, consisting of:
1 screened bottom board with whiteboard (10-frame)
1 entrance reducer (10-frame)
2 deep boxes (10-frame)
2 medium boxes (10-frame)
20 deep frames and 20 medium frames
20 sheets of deep foundation and 20 sheets of medium foundation
1 inner cover (10-frame)
1 telescoping lid (10-frame)
1 Hive-top feeder
A package of bees (including a Queen) for the hive.
Beekeeping gear: Jacket, hat, veil, gloves, hive tool, bee brush, and bee smoker.
Mentoring by a GCBA member for one year.
The Applicant must be a resident of Geauga County
The applicant must be at least 12 years old, and not older than 16, on January 1, 2022.
The applicant must be currently enrolled in public, private or home school.
The applicant must have permission and agreement from parent or guardian.
The applicant and immediate family must not currently have, or have had, any bee colonies prior to the award of the scholarship.
Applicant must complete and return all paperwork including:
GCBA Youth Scholarship Program Application (completed by applicant) (pg 4)
Parent/Guardian Questionnaire (signed by parent/guardian) (pg 5)
Terms and Conditions (signed by applicant) (pg 5)
Waiver/Binder (signed by parent/guardian and applicant) (pg 6)
Application packet (including all items mentioned above) must be received by the Scholarship Coordinator between September 1st, 2021 through October 31st, 2021. Applications received after October 31, 2021 will be held unopened and ONLY considered if there were no qualifying applicants who responded within the September 1, 2021 - October 31, 2021 application window.

note: The Scholarship recipient must attend and successfully complete a local, agreed upon Beginning Beekeeping Class. Details will be provided to the recipient upon award of the Scholarship.
Finalist will be selected by the GCBA Scholarship Committee.
The GCBA Scholarship Committee will interview with finalists and their parent/guardian on Saturday November 6th, 2021. The interview will be held at the Burton Library, or depending upon conditions, virtually via Google Meet.
The scholarship will be awarded to the recipient selected by the GCBA Scholarship Committee and presented at the GCBA February 2022 meeting.
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