KAP Tutoring Request Form (New Students)
Please fill out this form if you are interested in private tutoring, or if you're interested in group tutoring and you already have a formed group. 

If you are only interested in sporadic/non-recurring meetings, state "N/A" for questions regarding your schedule. You will be emailed a link soon after you submit your form to schedule your first meeting(s).

If you'd like to sign up multiple students for tutoring, you may submit only one form. Just clarify which answers are for which student. (Ex. Student 1 (8th) Student 2 (1st), The 8th grade student needs help in Math and Science 2 hours per week and the 1st grade student needs help with Reading and Writing 1 hr/wk. Student 1's availability vs. Student 2, etc.)

If you have any questions, please reach out by email or text:
(510) 815-9891

***For all current information about us and our tutoring services and rates, please visit kaptutoring.com

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Expected End Date (Not Sure? Leave it blank. The default end dates are mid-June for school-year tutoring and the end of August for summer tutoring. The schedule can be adjusted later.)
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If there are any particular topics that your student/you are struggling with, please list them here so we can make sure to address them during our lesson(s).
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Payment Policy:
Tutoring payments are due and payable 24 hours before the first scheduled lesson with a new student and 24 hours after the scheduled lesson for returning students. If you miss the payment deadline, you will be charged an extra late fee in addition to the cost of the lesson. This late fee will be calculated at 10% of the cost of the lesson, and any future scheduled meetings will be put on hold until payment is received.*

Cancellation Policy:
The cancellation deadline is 24 hours before a scheduled meeting. If you choose to cancel your meeting after payment and before the meeting cancellation deadline, you will be fully refunded. After that cancellation deadline you will be charged for the full cost of the cancelled lesson.*

Technology Policy:
It is the responsibility of the student and/or their guardian to check that the technology devices and internet connection they are using are in working order before the start of the meeting to ensure uninterrupted meetings. Please follow proper technological care procedures and reach out to IT professionals whenever issues arise.

*Any exceptions to these policies are at the discretion of the tutor.
If you were referred, please share who referred you or your referral code:
Group Tutoring Questions
Please fill out this section if you're interested in group tutoring and you already have a formed group. If the students are minors, please provide the guardian names and email addresses as well.
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