Pay Schedule Survey for Child Nutrition Employees (May 2021)
HEB ISD's Business Operations Department wants your input about the way you are paid. This is not a vote; it’s a survey to let us know if employees are interested in a new pay schedule.

Currently, HEB ISD pays Child Nutrition employees on a 12-month pay schedule. First, we calculate how much money you will earn in a school year. Then, we split that total amount over 12 months -- two paychecks each month.

With this 12-month pay schedule:
 - most paychecks are a little smaller.
 - you get regular paychecks during the summer, even when you aren't working.
 - if you work less hours than you usually would, your usual paycheck amount is adjusted down, because you will earn less money that school year.

Instead, we could pay Child Nutrition employees on a 10-month pay schedule. This means you would get paychecks that match the hours you worked in a pay period.

With this 10-month pay schedule:
 - most paychecks would be a little larger.
 - you would not get paychecks during the summer, because you aren't working during those pay periods.
 - if you work less hours than you usually would, your paycheck for that pay period will be lower.

On both schedules:
 - you will receive the same total amount of money for the year.
 - Employee benefits would not change.
 - Overtime pay works the same on both pay schedules -- it is paid when you work the extra time.

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