2018 CATS Member Application
Apogaea is only possible with the assistance of our many volunteers who pour their time, energy, and resources into our (usually) successful, community-built event. Volunteering is an excellent way to meet people, share information and experiences, build long-lasting friendships and, more often than not, just have fun. Thank you from all of us for wanting to help make it happen.

Submitting this application does not guarantee you will be selected to serve on CATS. If you have any questions about the application process or about CATS, contact art@apogaea.com.

Applications must be received before 11:59pm on Monday, September 11. No exceptions.

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This must be an address that you check regularly. We will use this for communicating unless you already have an Apogaea email.
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This will only be used if you aren't answering your email.
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Why are you interested in being a part of the Apogaea CATS? *
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What type of CATS role are you interested in? *
CATS Ignition is year round, 4 to 20 hours per month. CATS Sparks role have smaller tasks with less time commitment
List any art related education or other relevant experience you have: *
Do you have art, technology, structural engineering and fire experience? If you don't have this experience, that's okay. If you do, please note it.
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Are you familiar with the CATS Manifesto and CATS Year End Reports? *
They describes how CATS operates, our structure, our rolls, our processes and our results.
Describe any experience you have managing a fundraising campaign. Please provide details about size of the campaign, size of the team, success and failures. *
Kickstarter, Indegogo, etc.
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Tell us about an experience where you had to work with one or more people with which you disagree. *
How did you handle the situation? Did you end up being able to work with the group? What strategies did you use to communicate with the people with which you disagreed?
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If you could create a new art role or modify an existing art role within Apogaea, describe what would it be, how it should be implemented, and how it would help Apogaea. *
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