SB GYM CLUB Coach/Front Desk Application
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What position are you applying for? (you may select multiple)
Coach: What moves can you currently demonstrate?

Desk: What computer skills/programs do you know?
Describe a difficult situation you faced with a decision a leader or superior made and how did you handle it?
How would you describe a good day at work and why?  Examples: ['the staff responded warmly to my direction' or ‘the kids took the corrections I gave’ 'I completed emails with ease']
Coach: A child doesn’t understand the difference between a cartwheel and a roundoff, how would you explain it to them?

Desk: A parent is upset about their billing, how do you respond?
Coach: If a child is having a tantrum or acting out, how would you handle that?

Desk: If there are not enough laptops during one point in time while working, what would you do?

Coach: If a child is struggling with your explanation or directions, how would you respond?

Desk: If a staff does not follow the policies, what do you do?

How would you handle a situation where a child was injured mildly such as a bruise and how would you handle a severe injury such as a broken bone?

If your unsure of what to do, how would you respond?

How can our business grow if you were on our team?

Who do you admire and why? 

Do you have any specialty skills you would like to share that may be helpful for us to know?

What are your hours of availability? Time off requests? Out of town or events planned? 

Preference of pay?
Any questions?
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