Auburn Master Plan Survey
The Town of Auburn is working to update its Master Plan. We want to hear from you on a variety of topics. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your feedback is very valuable to the writing of this plan.
What type of commercial development do you feel Auburn needs more or less of?
No change
Commercial- gas station, auto repair, bank
Personal Services- hair salon
Retail- Convenience Store, Box Store, Supermarket
Fast Food- Dunkin, McDonalds
Office Space- Lawyer, Dentist, Vet
Energy Generation- Solar, Wind
Light Industrial
Hotels, motels, resorts
Mixed Use (Business & Residential)
Home Business- B&B, CPA, Contractor
Major Offfice Buildings (3+ stories)
High Tech
What type of residential development do you feel Auburn needs more or less of?
No change
Single Family Residence-Subdivisions
Multi Family Residence (2-4 units)
Multi Family Residence (2-4 units)Row 3
Mixed Use-1st Fl. Business 2nd Fl. Residential
Apartments (8+ units)
Please indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with the following, as they relate to tourism and visitors.
Encourage lodging opportunities such as bed and breakfasts, Airbnb, and/or small boutique hotels for overnight stays
Continue promotion and awareness of local businesses that may appeal to both residents and visitors
Explore community events that may offer significant appeal for visitors
Raise awareness of Auburn’s unique features and create a plan to promote visitor-ship
Do you think the town should change its by-laws to restrict future residential growth?
To what extent do you feel the following specific commercial, industrial or business types are desirable or undesirable?
Very Desirable
Very Undesirable
Clean energy (commercial solar, wind)
Culture & tourism
Consumer services (lawyer, dentist, hair salons, etc.)
Small retail shops, boutiques, art galleries
Shopping mall, big box retail, outlet shopping
Rental housing
Light industry
Mixed-use development
Hotels, motels, resorts
Small boutique hotels, Air BnB, bed and breakfast, etc.
Office Building
High Tech
To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following ideas regarding future commercial development in Auburn?
Not sure
New development should be focused along MA-12
New development should be concentrated in existing business areas
Commercial growth and expansion should focus on the entire length of US-20
Explore potential for new light industrial development
Home based business should be allowed with some restrictions
Consider ways to enhance tourism into Auburn to stimulate new revenue
Village District/Commercial along Oxford St. N/Pinehurst Ave.
Do you own or rent your home?
How important do you think the following housing types are to Auburn’s future over the next 10-20 years?
Very Important
Not Important
Small single-family market-rate homes geared towards first time buyers Medium-sized single-family homes
Low income housing
Luxury single-family homes
Small market-rate homes geared towards seniors
Owner-occupied, town houses, condominiums
Rental units/apartments
Housing units that qualify as affordable per state regulations
Mixed-used development (e.g. retail/office on first floor and residential units above)
Accessory apartments (e.g. small apartments inside or on property of a single family home)
Conversion of larger homes into apartments
Cluster or open space subdivisions (these are typically single family homes on slightly smaller lots with remaining land designated as protected open space)
Assisted living
Housing for elderly
Housing for youth
Housing for those in recovery (drug & alcohol)
4-6 unit small apartment building
Cluster Housing
Is housing affordability an issue for you or anyone you know who lives in Auburn?
Auburn needs more diversified housing stock?
Auburn’s zoning should encourage smaller housing units, affordable housing, and senior friendly homes, even if it means allowing more density in some locations.
Auburn should do more to require open space-conservation residential cluster developments.
If you were to consider moving out of your community during your retirement, would the following factors impact your decision to move?
Not sure
Looking for a different home size that meets your needs
Maintaining your current home will be too expensive
Wanting to move to an area that has better health care facilities
Needing more access to public transportation
Wanting to live in a different climate
Looking for an area that has a lower cost of living
Looking for a home that will help you live independently as you age
Wanting to be closer to family
How important is it for you to remain in your community as you age?
What is Auburn’s greatest need?
Your answer
What is Auburn’s greatest asset?
Your answer
Which of the following recreational opportunities would you like to see more of in Auburn?
Does Auburn have an adequate number of these recreational or open space resources?
Not Enough
Bicycle Route/ Walk Path
Indoor Sports Recreation Facilities
Off-leash Dog Recreation Areas
Canoe/ Kayak Locations
Community Gardens
Indoor Ice Skating
Nature/ Hiking Trails
Outdoor Ice Skating
Picnic Areas
Skateboard Parks
Public Fishing Access
Basketball Courts
Athletic Fields (e.g. baseball, soccer, football)
Horseback Riding/ Equestrian Trails
Motorized Vehicle Trail (e.g. ATV or dirt bikes)
Tennis Courts
Swimming Area
Have you or any of your household members visited any of these open spaces in the past five (5) years?
What are your top (3) three most important natural features in Auburn?
How do you use the local water sources? Check all that apply.
How often do you or your household use these town services and facilities?
Frequently (daily or weekly)
Occasionally (once a month)
Rarely (once every few months
Recreational facilities
Parks and open Spaces
Town Hall
Town website
Town events
Senior Center
How satisfied are you with town services and facilities?
Very satisfied
Not very satisified
Do not use
Recreational facilities
Parks and open spaces
Town Hall
Town website
Town events
Online bill pay
Senior center
Public Library
Online Municipal Services
What municipal services or facilities do you feel the town needs but does not currently provide?
Your answer
What kinds of improvements to Fire and Police facilities would you like to see?
Your answer
Would you like to see any improvements to other town facilities such as the library, senior center, town hall, etc.
Your answer
Please rate your familiarity with the following Boards and Committees purpose and function:
Very familiar
Somewhat familiar
Not familiar
Board of Assessors
Board of Health
Board of Selectmen
Conservation Commission
Council on Aging
Cultural Council
Economic Development
Energy Committee
Finance Committee
Historical Commission
Housing Authority
Local Channel Committee