2019 Intersex Inclusion Survey
NOTICE AS OF 2/13/2019: Please stop insinuating that I am only sending this out to specific people or intentionally trying to skew my own results. I have done my best to share this survey with as many people as possible, but I only have limited followers. I am an individual running this, and I have shared it to public reddit threads, facebook, twitter, and tumblr. If you wish it to be shared with more people, the responsibility now falls on all of you. Please stop insinuating things before looking at my comments on the blog - https://intersex-survey.tumblr.com/

Before proceeding with this survey, please read the following guidelines.

This survey will ask about your opinions on intersex inclusion, intersex specific discourse, as well as other discourse opinions. The questions asked do not necessarily reflect the survey creators personal views.

This is an independently conducted survey done for personal and public interest, but not associated with any research group. It is simply to gauge people's reactions to the mainly the idea of the inclusion of intersex individuals in the LGBTQ+ community.

You do not need to be intersex or LGBTQ+ to take this poll. The general findings of this survey are not intended to make absolute decisions about either community, but to simply gather data.

You may leave this survey at any time. There is no penalty for choosing not to complete this survey.

All answers are anonymous and cannot be tracked back to you. To limit multiple responses you will have to log in, but your email and name will not be tracked or recorded. This survey will close 11:59pm on 12/31/2019 EST.

If you want to see any data, give us suggestions, recognize any errors, or ask about specific data sets, you can visit https://intersex-survey.tumblr.com/
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