Your Ideas For Studying The Upworthy Archive (Nov 2019)
What can we learn from a unique dataset of over 32,000 A/B tests conducted by Upworthy between 2013 and 2015?

The Upworthy Research Archive, a dataset of 32,487 A/B tests conducted by Upworthy from January 2013 to April 2015. You can learn more about it here:

To help us decide how to release the Upworthy Archive, we're trying to learn about the kinds of research that this dataset might support. Rather than ask you for specific details of your research idea (it's your idea after all!), we're asking you to indicate the kinds of contributions, reviewers, and methods you plan to use.

Please complete this form by Nov 30 2019. We will then review the answers and use them to design a process that enables the widest possible research.

J. Nathan Matias (Cornell University)
Kevin Munger (Penn State University)
Marianne Aubin Le Quere (Cornell University)
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For example, data from the MediaCloud project, which has time-series information about most news articles published in the United States
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If access to the data requires peer review of a research proposal, I would need reviewers from the following fields: *
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(for example: network science, social psychology, statistical software package design, data visualization)
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