XRP community demographics
This questionnaire is anonymous. The purpose is to learn more about the XRPcommunity, its aspirations and its thoughts. The results will be published. For more information please contact https://twitter.com/LeoHadjiloizou on twitter. Don't forget to collect your tip by clicking the button at the bottom of the page. You can collect your tip without filling in this questionnaire but we would appreciate it if you did.
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Which of the following categories best describes the industry you primarily work in *
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How did you hear about XRP? *
When did you first invest in XRP? *
What % of your net worth is in crypto? *
What % of your crypto asset portofolio is XRP? *
What is the average price you bought XRP? *
How much XRP do you currently hold? *
Where do you store your XRP? *
How many individual XRP wallet addresses do you own (exchanges not included)
Why do you own XRP? *
What price do you expect XRP to reach in the long run? *
At what price will you sell your FIRST XRP? *
At what price will you sell your last XRP? *
In what year do you believe XRP will reach its maximum value? *
How confident are you regarding XRP's future price, on a scale from 1 to 10? *
Extremely unsure
Extremely confident
What do you think must happen in order for XRP to be successful? *
What use case do you think will generate the biggest demand for XRP?" *
The XRParcade Tipper is a program that utilizes the XRPtipbot and incentivizes users to visit a page or perform a task and earn a small amount of XRP. If you own a website, would you be interested to use it to attract more visitors to your website? *
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