VT AthletaFit Personal Training Intake
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This form is intended to take the place of a "Consultation" which has traditionally been used by VT AthletaFit as an hour in-person (AND an hour+ filling out forms at home) to assess a prospective client's needs, to inform them about VT AthletaFit & practices/training model, and as a general meet-and-greet session. It is also intended, aside just as a "getting to know you", to ask some of the more relevant questions which pertain to exercise programming. That is, it will take the place of the majority of the intake forms that have been used by VT AthletaFit in the past.

Your privacy is very important to us, and this information will ALWAYS be safely secured and will not be shared. This information will be used for the purposes of creating your profile within our system, to identify your program eligibility, to assess your exercise/personal training needs & make individualized recommendations, and to quantify the impact our Health Equity grant has had on clients. We will NEVER share your information with third parties. Your information will not be accessible to the public. If we use your health data at any point, for any reason, and to share with anyone else besides you, we promise to ANONYMIZE your data. (E.g. "In 2022, 10% of personal training clients lost 2" on average from their waist"). If we use your data, we will NOT include your name or any other identifiable information.

This intake form asks a lot of questions.  That is because we want to make sure that your fitness program is designed JUST FOR YOU.  Please give yourself 25-35 minutes to complete it.  Grab a glass of water, clear your mind, and consider filling out this questionnaire and all the awesome that is going to follow a little gift to you. YOU DESERVE IT!

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