Freelancer Policy Agreement
Rev. 1/2/19
Call times and Scheduling
You will receive your call times for the first day of work from your Project Manager or Account Manager via email. We ask that you respond to that email within a 24-hour period. If there is an emergency or a last-minute scheduling issue, please call or text your Project Manager or Account Manager immediately.
Checking In and Out
When you arrive, please check in with your Project Manager. On larger shows, the PM will provide a sign in and out sheet. These sheets are to help protect you as a freelancer as together we account for your services that you provide.
We expect all invoices to be sent in no later than 5 business days after your last day on that show. Invoices must be sent to INVOICES@AVMATTERS.COM. Your invoices should come in a PDF format and should contain the following info: Name, show name, location, assigned position, hours you worked that day, and your rate. Account Managers use the sign in and out sheets to verify correct times. If the invoice is correct, the AM will send an approval email to you and our Accounts Payable Department. If your invoice is received more than 14 days after the show, it will be converted to your flat day rate.
Mileage, Parking, Other Fees
AV Matters does not pay for mileage to a job site or parking on a job site. In some cases, the client provides a parking voucher for that day. This shouldn’t be the expectation for every show. Please see the PM or AM to see if vouchers are available that day. When traveling, we will not cover your checked bags or your parking. Many times, you can place your luggage in the truck going to show site. Talk to your PM or AM to see if this is an option for you.
Travel, Drivers, Rates, and Dark Days
AV Matters pays a half day rate on travel days. Your cost from the airport to the hotel should be added to your final invoice. We do ask that you take the most economical option to the hotel. Drivers must follow the current DOT laws at all costs. In some cases, it is required for the driver to have a dark day in order to stay within the DOT regulations. When this occurs, you will receive payment for your dark day at a half day rate. Day rates for show freelancers are based on a 10-hour workday. After 10 hours, you are entitled to overtime pay up to the 16th hour. Starting on the 17th hour, you are entitled to double time pay. Turn around time can be charged if the time between your last hour of service and your next call time is less than 8 hours, or 6 hours if you are residing on site.
AV Matters pays out within 30 days of approved invoice, not from end of show date. You can contact our Accounts Payable Department for check status 25 days or more after your invoice is approved by the Account Manager. Our AMs and PMs do not have check status; they will direct you to the Accounts Payable Department.
Social Media
To protect our clients, we ask that no photos or videos with client logos or show names be posted on social media.
Working with Integrity
AV Matters is built on integrity and trust. Integrity and trust is passed down to our full-time staff and is expected with our freelancers. If something is not right, not safe, or breaks on site, please speak up. As freelancers you are representing not only our client, but also AV Matters as a Company.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Welcome to the AV Matters Family!
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