EmpressBridle Commission Registration
For Questions Silverstorm#7210 on Discord

I reserve the right to decline Commissions
My do's and don'ts (don't skip me!)
I will draw;
NSFW (obviously SFW too)
rape, non-consensual, BDSM, also any form of filthy consensual married sex
Complicated Backgrounds/environments (will cost extra)
Furry stuff
Anthro, Feral
light vore (to a certain extent)

I won’t draw;
Watersport, scat, diaper
Real People, Mechas
gungans (dont ask)
no torture
foot fetish
alicorn ocs, characters with a backstory that makes them literally god or something else totally OP.
giant characters
Hard Vore, Inflation, gore
giant boobs or ass (if your characters head is fitting TWICE into their boobs... don't even ask)
Your Idea. Please describe your idea as detailed as possible so i can figure out quickly what you want me to draw. *
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Means of Communication (Discord name or Mail) *
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