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We are excited to announce a new event this year, the think:indie summit, bringing together a cross-disciplinary group of creatives for two days of deep collaborations around topics chosen by the community based on what you care about most.

Rather than the standard conference talk format, the summit will be focused on facilitated break-out workshop-style discussions, with outcomes that will be shared with the whole group. The event is planned to work something like this: We are aiming for around 100 attendees, and we will start off as a large group to provide an introduction and overview of the summit along with some icebreaking activities. We’ll then break into smaller groups based on topics and goals (working with the facilitators and attendees to get a nice group for each topic. The groups will discuss, working to generate ideas to share with each other. Finally, we’ll all come back together to share discussions, and we’ll wrap up with action items and ideas for moving discussions forward for the community as a whole.

At this point we would like to invite you, our alumni, to ask yourself: what are the issues that you would like to work on with a group of passionate creatives from a variety of backgrounds? What do you want to learn, and what are you able to teach and share? Are you interested in helping facilitate and guide these discussions?

To suggest a topic, we ask that you also consider a related outcome. To apply to be a facilitator, in addition to suggesting a topic and outcome, we ask that you share some information on your experience leading and guiding discussions at public events.

The deadline for facilitator applications is Sept.01, and the deadline for topic suggestions is Oct.01. We will contact facilitator applicants with decisions by Sept.15, and we will collate topics throughout this timeframe so that we can announce them shortly after Oct.01. Our goal is to stimulate real outcomes from this workshops. At the end of the summit, we hope we will have started a community design document together.

The Summit dates are Saturday, October 15 - Sunday, October 16.

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