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Interested in joining team Overalls to grow & support others to grow their groceries? Let's start a conversation.
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Where's home?
Area of town, Jacksonville? (Or City/State)
What interests you in working with our team to grow & support others to grow their groceries? / What's your experience with food gardening or vegetable farming? *
Passion and interest is where we begin. If it's only about the money, save us the time of wasting yours.
Tell us about your comfort level with heat & hard work... *
We generally don't like August either. This is not a contest, but we need to know that you're ok busting ass, lifting 50lbs on occasion, and drinking enough fluids so that you can handle yourself in spite of hot days.
Which books have you re-read or would you re-read because they were that great?
In other words: What books do you like?
We use smart phone apps like Google(Gmail/Docs/Drive/Forms/etc), Slack, and other modern conveniences to coordinate our work. Are you familiar? Or, are you up for learning? Explain. *
Though you don't need to be a tech genius, if you have a flip phone... it's going to be hard to keep up.
We lean into honest feedback & continual improvement among our team to address internal problems and customer issues head-on. What is an experience when you gave or received brutally honest (though helpful & well-intentioned) feedback that improved things in the end? *
Whether targeting an individual's performance or a system that needed to be improved upon -- be in the context of family, work, friends, or volunteerism.
What's your availability look like?
We want the best folks, so if that means you only have 1 day a week, we can work with that.
Do you have a full-sized pickup that you could use to haul Magic Mix & other garden supplies?
NOT a deal-breaker. But you should know that any vehicles working with us will be compensated at federal mileage reimbursement rates, which often works out in your favor.
Clear selection
2+ Professional References (& contact info)
Who knows what you're capable of? Who has stories of your excellence & successes?
Not all wishes come true, but if you could wave a magic wand to create any role/position within Team Overalls, what would it be?
Thanks for the interest! We'll be in touch as applicable.
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