Please complete and summit. Knowing that your response will help us to define the initial direction of your new Website based on a clear understanding of your vision.
This questionnaire will help you articulate and identify the overall goals, including specific answers regarding the message, audience, look and feel of the Website.
Skipping question is allowed if you have no clear understanding of it, so we’ll choose appropriate answer for you, in order to improve your Website. Please add any additional notes or comments at the end of the survey.

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1.What kind of visitors are you expecting on your website (income, interests, gender, age)? *
2.Please list the names of two or more of your competitors in this your area.
3.What actions do you want visitors to take on the site? *
4. What is your deadline for completing the site and your budget? *
5.What features should be used on your website.
6. Please list the names of two sample sites that you like and what do you like about them?
7. Do you have any color preferences, look and feel for the website?
8. Who will be the contact person for this project and this Contact Info (Office, Tel number etc.)? *
9.What do you NOT want on your site in terms of text, content, color, graphic elements?
10.Who will be responsible for maintaining or administrating the whole Website if required? *
12.There will be contact form page where Users will send their complains and Inquiries, so who will be responsible for receiving those mails? (Office Rank and Office email address. E.g. Manager,  
11.Do you already have any image/graphics or logo content to include it your website ? *
13.Technical support number (Customer Care-line). *
14. What is the estimate of Users per day (24hrs)? *
15. What is the average of Foreign Users per day (24hrs)?
16. Suggest your Website name to be assign as your domain name (
17. Website Description (moto) *
18. Office Address *
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