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Call for Stories
They say that hindsight is 20/20. When we reflect on our past and our history, we might see how we arrived where we are. We know more, we see more, we ask more when we gaze into our past, and it is this reflection that allows us to look at the current moment with more clarity.

The stakes are high in 2020: it’s the start of a new decade that holds our future—as individuals, as a nation, as a planet—in its hands. At this major turning point in history, we are asked to look forward, to dream about our future careers and lives, but to also think about the consequences for our present actions. We must consider the future consequences of our shared and competing histories.

This year, we want to know how you see the world around you:

What is visible in 20/20?
What lenses do you rely on to give you focus?
What influences your vision? Your race, sex, gender, socioeconomic status, sexuality, education level, family, religion, dis/ability, and/or nationality?

Can we see beyond our current moment in time?
How have your ancestors shaped the stability of your ground, the paths you walk, and the pace at which you move?
Can we ever see our present—or even our future—in 20/20?

How can you walk with clarity down an unpredictable path?
What does your house of mirrors reflect to you and to others?
What would it mean for you to be seen perfectly?

Where do you have tunnel vision? When is it necessary?

We have asked you to show us your skin: now, we want you to tell us what you see. What helps you see clearly? What distorts or obscures your vision? Is it your physical eyes? Your privilege? Your poverty? Your dreams or nightmares? Give us your clarity and obscurity, your perfection and imperfection. Show us how to see you—in your past, present, and future. Show us how to see your world.

What does 2020 hold for you? What do you see in 20/20?
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