CERRU Speaking Truth To Power: RACE AND CLASS Fellowship Application Fall 2019

This fellowship teaches students how to speak truth to power and also how to listen to truth when you're in power. Often we save our best listening to those in power and our worst listening to those without power. This 10 week fellowship will give you tools to notice who you're listening to and how to communicate your needs with respect, honesty and also how to mediate issues where listening or fairness isn't occuring due to power inequality.


For Fall 2019, we will select a group of 10-15 students who are committed to learning how to confront the challenges of a diverse world using discussion, joy, personal introspection and experiential learning activities. CERRU Fellows enter a semester-long program in which they learn how generations of unintentional or intentional harm leads to systems of bias and how to use this knowledge to communicate in ways that uphold the dignity of yourself and others and even deescalate conflict based on race, ethnicity and religious intolerance.While learning

Students will learn the following:

Learn how to recognize your own implicit bias as it relates to race and ethnicity and class
Learn tools for compassionate coping and removing internalized hate and externalized bias
Learn how bias impacts the way others communicate to you
Learn how bias impacts the way you communicate with others
Learn and improve your relationship to keeping your word

Attendance and Accountability Agreements

We will be monitoring your attendance throughout the program as a mechanism for building up integrity and your ability to keep your word to yourself and to our group.
During the semester, you will be expected to attend the following:
• Semester kick-off trainings (one-day workshop)
• Attend 90% of all (2 hour weekly) workshops for 10 weeks
• RSVP to all workshops and give 24 hour notice when unable to attend
• Complete all pre-work to a high standard (less than one hour a week) and communicate if your work will be late in advance


Make a serious commitment to understanding and using tools
Uphold accountability agreements
Be mentally, physically and emotionally present for 100% of the workshops
Communicate in advance when you cannot make the deadlines or workshops
Commit to compassionate engagement with all members of group

• At the end of the semester, you are asked to put on an interactive event with your peers on how to address racial, class and ethnic discrimination on campus with support from the center.

Fellows who fulfill all of the above expectations will receive a stipend.

Practical benefits:
more space for yourself and others.

Other benefits of participating in the CERRU Undoing Bias Fellowship:
• Students gain more more tools to speak truth to power and bring more compassion for themselves and their identities
• Students have access to other exciting internships and volunteering opportunities that CERRU sends out
• Can receive recommendation letters to aid in college and job applications

To Apply:
• Complete and submit the following application. Sign up for an interview. Rolling Acceptance and Final Application Deadline 5.3.19.


Our space is wheelchair accessible, as there is a wheelchair ramp on the side of Delany leading into our workshop space. The college is working on making it more accessible. We as CERRU are always working on making the space as accessible as possible, please let us know if you'll need any additional accommodations to make the space more accessible for you and your ability needs.

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