Solidarity MAP Sign Up Sheet
This form is for signing up to the Solidarity MAP run by Hyper Dash in collaboration with PrinceWhateverer. The announcement video can be found here:
Where can we find your animations or artwork? Please give a YouTube, DeviantArt, or other portfolio URL. NO NSFW please. *
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What is your Discord username? Please use your exact name with the number included at the end. Example: "Princess Celestia#0000". If you do not have a Discord account, you must create one to participate. You must also join the Discord Server prior to or soon after filling this out to participate. *
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What length of slot would you prefer to fill? This is a suggestion that may help us assign you a slot.
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8 Seconds
What medium do you animate in?
What type of slot would you like to fill? A group slot means that multiple animations will be playing at the same time, and is intended for less experienced animators. This is a suggestion that may help us assign you a slot.
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