Columbia Lutheran School 2020-2021 Expression of Interest
There are some important things to know about the next school year.
****Please read and understand this explanation before continuing.****

Families may use this form to express interest in a student enrollment for CLS in the 2020-2021 school year. It is our primary tool for gathering critical information concerning our ability to pursue our school's mission next school year.

The difficulty caused by the COVID-19 lockdown layers on the usual year-to-year challenge of promoting new enrollments. It also constrains what schools will be able to do, effectively limiting the number of students that schools are able to serve, especially when they have limited manpower. This affects the business side of supporting CLS.

The mission of Columbia Lutheran School centers on teaching the Word of God. CLS is not an ordinary school. It is a parochial school. The reason it exists is to teach God's Word and the life of a Christian to its students, while teaching everything in the light of God's Word in a safe environment. Therefore it will only be acceptable to continue CLS operations if those things are possible. This means we will not commit to remote learning, but will instead assume full-time onsite learning for all students.

Because of spacing limitations, our 2 classrooms could each hold 6 students, for a maximum combined student body size of 12. Alternatively, we could expand 1 classroom to 12 students by moving it into our commons area. This would take radical changes with the help of volunteers over the summer, and give us a student body of 18. This means that to break even next year, base tuition will have to be a minimum of $8,000 per student to a maximum of $12,500 per student. With the usual 25% discount, second students from the same family would be $6,000 to $9,375. The exact tuition amount depends on how many students we can accommodate onsite with spacing.

For the school to meet its budget next year, we will need a certain number of students enrolled this summer. This form is how we will determine whether there is sufficient commitment to operate the school next year in a COVID-19 economy. If there is not, other options are being considered, such as suspending regular school operations until normal spacing and promotional activities are possible.
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For incoming Kindergarteners, it is appreciated if proof of a date of birth can be shown to the school. In some cases, it may be required.
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If you are registering for the first time and were referred to CLS by a currently enrolled family, please write the name (first and last) of the student who referred you.
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By filling out this form, you are expressing interest and a desire to enroll. But for most families, this will depend on what the tuition cost is. The tuition cost depends on how many students we have for the year. The question below allows you to limit your "expression of interest" so that it can fit your family budget. Because of COVID-19 constraints, we will not be able to offer tuition lower than $8,000 next year, though it is hoped that this will be different in subsequent years.
Maximum Base Tuition Explanation
Maximum Base Tuition (before multi-student discounts) *
Church membership is NOT a prerequisite to acceptance. Parents are required to take a class or refresher on the faith of our school and congregation for your information about what is taught.
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