Questionnaire:                                                                  What is the situation in YOUR (CHOOSED) country in terms of legislation, design and execution of earthen buildings                      
18th International scientific conference Healthy houses 2022  /  Zdravé domy 2022  /  (13.5.2022)
- Deadline for sending the questionnaire 17.4.2022
- The conference is organized by the SHS (Earthen Architecture Asociation, Brno, Czech Republic) and co-organizer is Institute of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Architecture, Brno University of Technology (Czech Republic).

Info to fill in the questionnaire:
- It is possible to fill in only some of the points of the questionnaire. For unanswered questions, the following message will appear in the proceedings: "Question not answered."
- The reference can be a link, a standard academic citation or just a simple title and author.

A completed questionnaire we would like publish as a short unreviewed article with following name: Short info regarding state of standardization in "country" by "Names of authors". The article will not be peer reviewed.

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Country you choose for questionnaire *
1, Current and historical state of standards for earthen buildings - Are there (have there been) valid standards according to which earthen houses can be designed? *
1b, References - Do you know of any technical documents, standards or recommended technical guidelines for working with earthen construction? *
2, Legislative framework for building with earth - What procedures regulate the design and implementation of earthen buildings? *
2b, References - Are you familiar with any laws regulating working with earth? *
3, Practical execution of earthen buildings - Are there any well established procedures on how to design and execute earthen buildings? *
3b, References - The most commonly used literature for the design and execution of earthen buildings in your country. *
4, Research in the field of earthen houses, structures and materials. - Do you know of any researchers or research being done in your country? *
4b, References - Do you know of any research papers, documents, information from authors from your country or important research reports from another country? *
5, According to your opinion, list the current biggest problems related to earthen buildings. *
5a, What type of regulations are most missing - What is the main problem from your point of view (e.g. implementation, design, testing...)? *
5b, What legislative restrictions exist for the implementation of earthen buildings in your country (e.g. for the implementation of load-bearing structures, etc.)? *
Names of all other authors (names and surnames, academic degrees included)
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Consent to the publication of the entered data to the public
Earthen Architecture Association (SHS) filled in details of a future article can make freely available to interested parties on its website and can those details include in invitations and other publicity associated with the conference. Due to the nature of the Internet, this will apply indefinitely in the future. This does not in any way affect your copyright to the future article nor does it create any obligation on you to the SHS.
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It is possible to participate in the conference not only by questionnaire but also by full participation - to write and present a scientific paper on the topic of the conference. Here it is possible to submit a paper:

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