Rustafied Tester Sign-up Form
The Rustafied Community team is looking for testers to help us improve our public events. If you're good at finding bugs, breakable items, and/or just want to see what community events are in the works, join our Tester group! 👍

Note if you are Rustafied or Rust game banned, you will not be accepted.

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The SteamID that you will be connecting from when testing events.
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I promise not to be toxic, abuse voice chat, or reveal pertinent details about the events to outside sources. If I abuse this opportunity I will be banned from all Rustafied servers. *
Important: Join the Rustafied Discord
You MUST be in the Rustafied Discord in order to get access to Tester events. Events are announced through a special channel specially for invited Testers. On the day of the test event, all voice coms will be done through Discord. If you're not currently a part of the Discord, please join so that we can set up your permissions:
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