Elemental Board Accelerator: Lithium Cohort
The Lithium Cohort will be made up of companies and executives that are working on solutions to significant challenges exacerbated by COVID-19, with a focus on Health & Sustainability. These solutions have either become more acceptable and/or necessary as a result of the crisis, and therefore present an opportunity for innovation and growth.

Dates: May 14 & 28
Time: 5:30-7:00pm

Cohorts will be held virtually through Zoom.

To be considered for this cohort:
1) Your business should be working on a solution that is helping society cope with the current crisis, and that relates to health & wellness, sustainability, and/or tech solutions
Your expertise relates to
2) please complete the questions below.
3) you must be available both dates.
4) you must be currently looking to add an advisor to your board or to take on an advisory role.

- You are willing to participate in the video conference call with the video on.
- You have your board bio or descriptions of open advisory roles ready to share.
- You are prompt. We will close the meeting at 5:40.
- Dress code: comfortable (and awesome, whatever that means to you!).
- Are comfortable with the meetings being recorded.
- You are have your Gives & Gets ready.

We may be following up with a phone interview and/or to ask for your company deck.
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If you are interested in filling an advisory position, please give a short description below.
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If you are interested in becoming and advisor, please give your elevator pitch below & send your board bio and resume to kat@thefourthfloor.co.
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