Spring 2015: Application for Residency at Columbia's Beit Ephraim Food Co-op

We are excited you are interested in living in the Bayit for Spring 2015! This application has been created so we can get to know a bit more about you and your intentions in living with us. Please direct any questions to the Bayit e-board by e-mailing bayitrecruiter@gmail.com and we will get back to you ASAP. We look forward to reading your application!

    About the Bayit:

    We are Columbia/Barnard's Jewish food co-op located on 535 W. 112th St., right across from Book Culture. We are a pluralistic Jewish community made up of undergraduates and graduate students from Columbia and Barnard. The Bayit community is committed to Jewish pluralism and diversity, and to providing a warm and welcoming home to Jewish students from any type of background. Residents come from a variety of Jewish backgrounds and denominations. Bayit residents identify with a wide range of affiliations, such as orthodox, secular, conservative, reform, and more. Residents represent a diverse range of academic interests and scholarly pursuits. We keep a strictly kosher kitchen and cook communal dinners 4+ nights a week. For more questions, please refer to the FAQs: https://sites.google.com/site/beitephraimhousecolumbia/

    Now accepting applications on a rolling basis.

    In addition to the application, we ask that you attend one of our applicant dinners at the Bayit to get to know us better and ask any questions you may have! Please e-mail the Bayit Recruiter (bayitrecruiter@gmail.com) to schedule a day/time that you can stop by the Bayit so we can greet you and get to know you. If you are not currently in New York, please send us an e-mail and in place of the dinner we will set up a conversation via telephone or Skype. Thanks!