Heirs' Property Relending Program Loan Information Request Form 

The Heirs' Property Relending Program represents a collaboration between Shared Capital Cooperative, an experienced community development loan fund with over four decades of experience making loans to cooperative enterprises, particularly focusing on those organized by low-income and other economically marginalized communities that have been excluded from access to capital from other sources, and the Federation of Southern Cooperatives an experienced technical assistance provider serving Black and other disadvantaged farmers. 

Heirs’ property is family land that has been passed down to descendants without a will or deed to prove ownership. Without proof of ownership, it may become difficult for heirs' to obtain federal benefits for farms and could force partition sales by third parties. Heirs’ property issues have long been a barrier for many producers and landowners to access USDA programs and services, and this relending program provides access to capital to help heirs' find a resolution.

Shared Capital may make loans to eligible borrowers who meet the requirements of the USDA Heirs' Property Relending Program including: 

  • Individuals or legal entities with authority to incur the debt and resolve ownership and succession of a farm owned by multiple owners;
  • Family member or heir-at-law related by blood or marriage to the previous owner of the property;
  • Those who agree to complete a succession plan.

The Shared Capital-Federation of Southern Cooperatives Heirs' Property Relending Program will devote technical assistance to assist heirs' in making a successful application to the relending program. 

For more information about how to apply, please fill out this form. This should take no longer than 5 minutes. 

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