K-Bot Krypto Gamessenger Testing
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1. How would you rate the ART & GRAPHICS  of the game? *
Is awful
I love this
2. How would you rate the CONTROL of the game? *
unmanageable, inaccurate
excellent and accurate
3. How would you rate the MUSIC of the game? *
only play once & muted
I love this
4.How would you rate the LEVEL DESIGN  of the game? *
5. How would you rate the ENGAGE of the game? *
only play once
I play every day
6. How would you rate the TUTORIALS of the game?
I didn’t understand
I understood all
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7.How motivated did you feel to participate to be a hero and that it, help in the real world? *
a hero? so far I know that it helps
Very motivated ! help + Entertainment the best
8. How did you find the difficulty and the game mechanics for the Gamessage? 1st Game button
Captionless Image
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9. Could you decipher the "Kripto Gamessage" of the contest? *
10.To participate inthe contest, if you put  Yes in before point what is the answer of the gamessage?
11. Did you claim G-ECOins? when you won or lost *
Captionless Image
12. You managed to collect 100 G-ECOins to claim the skin for a bar? *
Captionless Image
13. According to your criteria, What is the worst and the best of the game, any advice? were there errors?
14. Did you Can connect/login with Facebook?
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15. How would you rate the INTRO 3D  of the game?
Captionless Image
I skipped it
new / I'm hooked on the story
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16. If the K-BOT Krypto Gamessenger VIDEO GAME was available today, how willing would you be to install it, play it and share Gamessages with your friends and thus help the world? *
Thanks for All!  you are now part of this Adventure, Soon you can download and enjoy for free  K-bot Krypto Gamessenger Full  from Appstore and Google Play Store. support us ! spread the word , we are Digital #Heroes   , #LevelUpRescueTheWorld
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