Naka-Kon 2020 Press Program Application
This form is for parties interested in the Press Program at the 2020 Naka-Kon Convention.
All filling out this form must first read and understand the Press Program Rules and Guidelines at

These rules can and will be enforced by Naka-Kon. Those filling out this form agree to follow the rules and guidelines in the document. Please apply by February 12, 2020 for consideration, and fill out all fields in full. Note that forms not completely filled out will be disregarded.
Name of Point of Contact/Student Advisor
Email Address of Person Named Above
For Student Journalists/Creators Only: Please provide your student email/other educational institution approved email here. Others, please type N/A.
Nature of Publication
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Has your outlet covered Naka-Kon Previously? If so, please provide a link to that coverage. If this does not apply, type N/A. Lack of prior coverage will not disqualify you, and previous coverage will not guarantee acceptance.
Please provide a link to your outlet's online presence. For example, a Newspaper may provide an official website, and a video creator may link their channel here. If your outlet has no online presence, please explain the nature of your outlet here.
If you will be requesting access for additional individuals, please list them, and their position in your outlet here. For example, if you are a video creator, you might list an additional person as "Camera Handler." Note not all requests will be fulfilled.
Please explain, in your own words, a situation where an individual's Special Access Pass or Complimentary Badge may be revoked by the Convention Committee, Operations, or by the Press Coordinator.
Do you agree that all of the above is true and accurate, and that any information found to be purposely misleading or fabricated may be grounds for disqualification from the program, even if it is found after confirming acceptance?
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Do you agree that you have read the Press Rules and Guidelines provided above, and that you understand them?
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