Notes for Support Volunteer
Thanks for your interest! šŸŒ¼ This should take ~10 minutes to fill out.
2. Social Media Manager šŸ¤³
As the social media manager, you will be creating FB and Instagram posts for @notesforsupport.
Skills: Graphic editing (e.g. with Canva). Experience preferred.

3. Video Producer (Graphic, Animation) šŸŽ¬
As the video producer, you will be creating videos on how Notes for Support works and our impact on the larger community.

* 4. Support Bangalore, India šŸŒ
Cisco, one of the orgs volunteering through Notes for Support, would love to support a hospital in Bangalore, India. If you're fluent in the language spoken in this region and would like to work in communications, please let us know!

5. Other āš”
If you have any other roles you'd like to take on or have any suggestions on how we can expand, we'd love to hear it!

1. Communications Manager šŸ™‹ā€ā™€ļø
As the communications manager, you be managing our hospital relations. šŸ„šŸ‘©ā€āš•ļø
Primary task: Contacting hospitals via email and/or call. You'll be provided email templates to make your role easier!
Skills: Diligence, confident/professional communication.
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You can add links to previous work (e.g. writing, social media posts, videos), if you'd like. āš” Short responses are perfectly fine!
How much time can you realistically put in per week? *
We won't penalize you for your response! This is just to understand how we can allot our tasks.
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