Student Survey in Mathematics
Please respond to the following statements (except the first one) choosing: strongly agree, agree, neither agree nor disagree, disagree, or strongly disagree with the statement.
Thank you very much.
How old are you? *
I enjoy studying math. *
I find math boring. *
I am good at math. *
I usually do my math homework. *
I keep trying in math even when the problem is difficult. *
I solve problems on my own without the help of others. *
I ask for help when I need it. *
I enjoy helping someone else in math. *
I enjoy using manipulatives when learning math. *
I use technology when learning math. *
I like working in small groups with my classmates to solve problems. *
Math is important throughout life. *
If I work hard, I can be successful in math. *
I know how to assess my understanding in math. *
Homework is important to my learning in math. *
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