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One of the goals of Rural Routes to Climate Solutions is to be an agricultural producer-driven initiative. Our podcast series is going to be our main communication tool for driving home our 'farm solutions = climate solutions' message and for highlighting the success stories of Alberta's producers. We need to hear from producers and friends like you on how we can provide the best experience with podcast so producers can reap the benefits of climate solutions.

Please answer as many of the following questions as you can. Be as honest as you can too!

Which episode(s) did you listen to?
Did you find the podcast useful?
Why or why not?
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How did you find the production quality compared to other podcasts you've listened to? For example, was the music too loud or the transitions from the host to the presenter too slow.
Please explain your answer above. In all honesty, we are still figuring out this technology and there is lots of room for improvement.
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Is there an idea or practice you will implement in the next 6 months that you learned from the podcast?
If yes, can you tell us what idea(s) or practice(s)?
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Any tips for the host? He's got pretty thick skin so don't worry about hurting his feelings.
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Any episode ideas? We've got a bunch of ideas for other episodes, but maybe you have one or more in mind that we haven't even thought of yet. Remember, we are trying to promote farm solutions that are also climate solutions and tell the stories of producers who are doing great things for the land.
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How can we make the podcast better? Are there any other comments you'd like to make?
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