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*Please tick a box in each category as it applies to you or your organisation.

High --- means there is high capacity in this area and wants to update knowledge.
Average --- means there is capacity however there is more room for growth.
Low --- means there is No or very little capacity and needs to build capacity in this area.

Category 1 – Institutional building
Q1: Registration
Q2: When was your organization started?
Q3: Do you have an office?
Q4: If yes, for how long?
Q5: How many staff and volunteers do you currently have?
Q6: Which of these document do you have and use?
A. Procurement policy
B. Recruitment & HR policy
C. Financial policy/document
D. Grants administration guideline
E. Program strategy
F. Monitoring & Evaluation framework
G. Resource mobilization strategies and plan
H. Travel policy. etc
I. Communications and social media policy
Q7: Do you have a board?
Q8: If yes, how many are they?
Q9: Rank your board.
Q10: Do you have an organizaton bank account?
Q11: How many signatories does your bank account have?
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Q12: Do you have an accountant?
Category 2 – Fundraising and program implementation
Q1: Have you been funded by a donor before?
Q2: Do you have any donor funding currently?
Q3: What is the scale of your current funding
Q4: Rank your capacity needs on the following using 1 – 5 (5 being the highly needed)
Proposal writing
Project implementation
Report writing
Managing donor relationships and partnerships
Other capacity needs
Your answer
Q5: Do you conduct research before implementing or designing a program?
Q6: Rank your capacity at Organizing Advocacy?
Q7: Rank your capacity in Engaging traditional Media (radio, television and print?)
Q8: Rank your Conference/workshop organizing skill?
Q9: How impactful and relevant are your Projects?
Q10: Rank your Project Monitoring and Evaluation Skill?
Q11: Rank your follow up process after organizing project?
Category 3 – Trends, Growth and Sustainability
Q1: Do you have a sustainability and strategic plan?
Q2: Do you know how to develop sustainability and strategic plan?
Q3: Do you depend on donor funding solely?
Q4: How visible is your organization on social media?
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