A Sharpening / Repair Service Form for Harzly Shears
This is a Harzly sharpening/repair service form.

A copy of your service form will be sent to an e-mail address that you will enter.

We will do our best to send them back to you, so you can use Harzly shears again as soon as possible.

We appreciate your support and love :)
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IMPORTANT - International Tariff could be charged
If you decide to send your shears to our original manufacturer who is located in South Korea, please mind that shears must be marked as 'USED' and add a note stating this is for 'Maintenance Service' on a package. Otherwise, up to $60 of tariff can be charged at the South Korea custom if your item is classified as a new item.

Please be informed that unnecessary tariff will be charged back to a customer on top of sharpening/repair costs.

Thank you :)
For those customers in the US

1. Go to their Harzly Mail-In Sharpening Service Page


2. Follow the instructions and send your shears to them safely.

3. As all of Harzly shears have convex edge blades, the service cost is $25.

4. Enjoy their premium sharpening service :)

(You don't need to complete this form if you use this service)

Battle Born Blade Sharpening

1492 Kathy Way Gardnerville, NV 89460

(775) 238 3343

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The more details you provide to us, the more accurate repair we can provide. Please attach a drawing note with a product if it is required.
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If you don't know the exact date, select the approximate date of purchase..
[Receiving a parcel] *
You will receive a link for payment when repair/sharpening service is finished.
[Guide for sharpening/repair process]
A year of complimentary warranty is provided to all Harzly shears 😊

Please be informed that costs may occur in case of expired warranty and physical damage to the product.

Straight / Thinners - USD 20
Curves - USD 30

An original manufacturer will perform repair and sharpening service, and it will take 10-15 business days.

The more details you provide to us, the more accurate repair is available. Please attach a drawing note with a product if it is required.

For your information, It may get rejected by an original manufacturer if a previous repair/sharpening service is done by a third-party service provider.

Thank you.
Team Harzly

[Address to send a product]

Please send your "Item" to the address below with "A warranty card"

Name : Harzly CS
Address : 23, Saemmal-ro 92 beon-gil, Suji-gu, Yongin-si, Geyongi-do, Republic of Korea [16800]
Phone : (+82) 10 5161 3194

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