Aquarian Age Wicca Coven Application
This form is for those interested in doing a New Student study course with the AAW coven. Upon completion of New Student study, students may have the opportunity to begin a year and a day study towards initiation into the coven.

Read about our tradition on witchvox:

Please note we have covens and mentors in various states. We prefer you study in person with a local coven, however opportunities for long-distance mentorship are available if the student is driven.

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What does the Wiccan Rede mean to you? Do you follow it? *
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What is your experience with the pagan community? *
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How do you personally view the goddess and the god? What to they mean to you, what is your experience of them, if any?
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How would your friends and family react to you practicing Wicca? How has that affected you or how would that affect you? *
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What do you know about Wiccan History? *
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Why are the Sabbats important to you? *
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What experience have you had working magic or being around magic? *
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Have you ever cursed anyone with your magic? *
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Have you ever harmed or killed an animal for your magic, or used an already dead animal in your practice? Explain. *
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Have you ever used your own blood in magic?
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What types of magic are you drawn to? *
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Do you feel you have any special abilities in witchcraft? If so, what are they? *
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Have you ever practiced fae magic? *
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Have you read about this tradition, and do you think it speaks to you? Why? *
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Is Wicca an important part of your life, or are you seeking to explore the possibilities? (Both are valid.) *
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Do you have reliable transportation?
True or False: I want to be in a coven to develop my skills as a witch. *
I know I am ready to make Wicca a priority in my life. *
True or False: I prefer to practice magic alone and I am seeking a coven because I need a teacher. *
True or False: I can see myself studying Wicca for many years. *
I am seeking to study Wicca in person with a coven because I love working with a group. *
True or False: I have studied herbs and/or stones in my own time. *
True or False: I am currently consorting with the fae, or have in the past. *
True or False: I practice or have practiced Angel magic. *
I am hesitant about working magic until I fully understand it. *
I am not sure if I fully believe but I want to learn more because Wicca is interesting. *
I feel strongly that I want to one day become a priest or priestess of the Wiccan faith. *
I am not sure how I feel about Wicca at this point in my life. *
I sometimes rely on mind-altering substances to connect with the metaphysical. *
I can practice any type of witchcraft on my own time without affecting the coven as a whole. *
I have already been celebrating the Sabbats the best I can on my own. *
How do you feel about the environment in its current state? *
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I deeply connect to the divine when in nature. *
What steps have you personally made to help protect the environment? *
I believe that revenge magic is okay. *
Wicca is a priority in my life.
What is an esbat? *
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I want to grow my metaphysical practice as a member of a group. *
I have contacted demons before. *
Explain the above if yes or unsure.
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The best way to fix the bad things about myself is with witchcraft and spells. *
Do you have any allergies we need to take into consideration when working with the group? *
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*Some coven members have allergies and Multiple Chemical Sensitives* Do you agree not to wear scented deodorant, perfume, lotions, sprays, or scented body products when meeting with the coven? *
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Tell us anything else about you that you would like us to know.
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