EOL Interview
Please feel free to skip any questions that are too uncomfortable to answer
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What was your relationship with death prior to receiving a terminal diagnosis?
How does it feel physically and emotionally to be actively dying?
Are you scared to leave your loved ones behind?
Does anything in particular bring you peace in the more agitated and uncomfortable moments?
What is something about the end of life process that you didn’t know until now?
Does it feel like you are one foot in this world and another foot somewhere else?
What do you want others to know about the dying process?
Do you have moments of clinging to this life and the loved ones you will leave behind?
What do you think dying can teach us all about life?
Do you feel there is enough support and a good forum for you to connect with other actively dying people? If not, what would you like to have to access to that you currently don’t?
What is the legacy you wish to leave behind?
How do you think society can do a better job of acknowledging death and treating it less taboo?
Is there anything else you would like to add?
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