8th Grade Laptops
Dear parents of an ACS 8th grader,

We are so thankful for your 8th grade students, and we congratulate both you and them on a terrific year of school.

As school draws to a close, the MacBook Air that your student has been using will be available for purchase for the price of $399. If you do not choose to purchase it will be re-purposed for other use at ACS.

If you purchase the MacBook Air, it will be reimaged and contain a fresh copy of macOS Sierra and will come with the same software as if you purchased a machine from Apple. There will no longer be ACS restrictions or software installed. Your family, as the new owner, would be the administrator on the machine and there would also be no ACS Internet filtering. All student files will also be cleared. There is also no support that comes with purchasing the laptop. This purchase price includes the laptop, power cord, and case. You may pick up your purchased machine from the ACS office during the last week of school.

We need the parents of each 8th grade student to answer the following questions, if you have multiple children in 8th grade, please fill out the form for each child. This form must be filled out by May 18.

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