Get Career Confident Personal guidance booking form - remote guidance
Please use this form to book a 1:1 personal guidance interview with a qualified careers advisor.

Through Sussex Learning Network and Elev8Careers, students in schools across Brighton & Hove and wider Sussex are entitled to a 1:1 personal guidance interview with a qualified careers advisor. In response to the Covid 19 virus outbreak, we are making this offer available online.

By using this form, you are booking a 1:1 personal guidance session to take place remotely via phone or video call. The interview will take place with a qualified careers advisor and will last approximately 40 minutes.

Bookings MUST be made by a parent or carer with responsibility for the young person and the interview should take place at a time when you, the parent or carer, are available to supervise the call. You do not need to take part in the interview itself, though you are welcome to, but you should be with or near your child whilst they are speaking with one of our advisors.

If you do not have access to a device for video calling, please contact us on and we will make arrangements to enable you to have an interview.

You can also use this form to book a 1:1 guidance session for yourself - this session can be used for a discussion on how to support your child, or for yourself.

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Please select when you and your child would be able to take part in the 1:1 interview. Once you have submitted this form, a Careers Advisor will get in contact to arrange a date and time. Select as many slots as you like
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We will use this number to contact you to arrange the 1:1 interview.
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We will email you about the interview if we are not able to reach you by phone
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If you are not able to video call, would you like to arrange a telephone interview or online chat?
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Please add here the contact number/email address/skype name and method that you would like to use for the video call. Leave blank if you do not currently know. If you do not have a device that supports video calling, please contact us on
Please tick here if you would like us to use the email address you have entered to send occasional newsletters with relevant careers information. *
I confirm I am the parent / carer and will be present during the interview *
Data Privacy *
The data collected on this form will be used to administer your and your child's participation in the personal guidance interview. Sussex Learning Network is the data controller and will share the responses with Elev8Careers and the careers advisors who are conducting the interview. Following any interview that takes place as a result of completing this form, advisors will inform your child's school that the interview has occurred. Sussex Learning Network may share the data with trusted third party organisations for the purposes of monitoring engagement with this educational activity and it will share anonymised data for evaluation purposes and reporting to its funders. You can read a full privacy statement here
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