Become a MaxGrid Promotor
Want to promote a fast growing company and like sales and marketing? Then you have come to the right place.

We are looking for promotors worldwide. We believe, that you know your area better than we do, and have the advantage of making business instantly.

Max Grid is an marketing agency for hire. And do most of the work from distance and through freelancers. So no requirement for an expensive office and equipment. We try to slim down everywhere we can to press the prices and give our promotors, freelancer and coordinators a good share of the work.

We offer a very large range of marketing services (see Services on the homepage), and we can customize these services for every customer to their specifications.

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• You good skills in writing/speaking in your current language location (country) and also good communication skills in English.

• You have an interest in promoting, sales and marketing.

• You are dedicated to your assigned area and know how to find high-end customers.

• You have an phone or internet connection and email that you can be reached at.

Other merits (but not necessary):
• If you have experience in working with promotion, sales or marketing before.

• You have a laptop/pad, for showing the website, services and video to customer.

• You decide your own working hours.

• You do not need an office, you can work from anywhere you want.

• It is a free and inspiring job.

• You can have a steady income for a long time, and of course, the more you promote and sell, the more you earn.

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Contract of Services
1. Extent of this assignment
Outreach promotion and sales, with a predetermined work area. Sale of Max Grid services primarily to companies (but also state and private).

2. Conditions for assignment
The service provider (You) shall not, during or after the contract period, pass on sensitive information or use negative terms regarding Max Grid or third-party companies. All customers who is procured, are assigned to Max Grid. This is not an employment contract. The service provider has the right to work in other jobs or assignments during the assignment duration. For this assignment the integrated conditions of the Terms on the website also applies.

3. Assignment duration
This agreement starts from when you as promoter get add to MaxGrid BMS/CRM service (You will get a username and password for this) and is valid 6 month ahead. If the agreement is not terminated one month prior to expiration, the contract will be extended by 6 more months. If the service provider (You) do not have any sales during the first period, there will be no extension.

4. Compensation for assignment
The commission is 4% per acquired paying client for Max Grid. The Commission is paid when Max Grid has received full payment from the customer. Commission for subscription services is paid when customer pays for their respective active period (day, week, month, quarter, half year or year). All promotion and sales staff (You) under this agreement are paying their own taxes and payroll taxes. If your procured client terminate their contract, no commission will be paid.

5. Other
This agreement has been established online (as this form). After Max Grid checks the information, the service provider (You) will be approved.

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