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Public Art Africa (an initiative of UR4Africa) is a youth led organization that sets out to bring creative programmes to youths and students all over Africa.

Our programs explore many topics and opportunities and all our mentors/volunteers participate in trainings to prepare them for workshops and interactions with students and our communities. To be a part of this family and community you'll need to be committed to the vision, enthusiastic, a creative thinker and have a positive attitude.

Once you fill out this application you will be contacted.

We look forward to the work ahead!

Thank you for your interest.

UR4Africa Team

If you have any questions about our programs and/or workshops email us at team@ur4africa.com or call us at 08115705244 or 07016816468.

Click www.ur4africa.com to go back to the UR4Africa website.

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Do you have any previous experience working with youth?
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Do you feel you have the ability and/or power to effect change in Nigeria?
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