MS54 PTA Commuter Connect Program 2023-2024

👋 Welcome to Booker T.!

This is the sign-up form for our MS54 Commuter Connect (Pods)Program!

Please fill out this form completely, and we'll match you up to families in your immediate area — we'll do our best, anyway! More than 100 families do it each year, and folks tell us that they loved connecting right away!


1. Fill out this form completely.
2. We'll take your physical address and see who else lives nearby. (We do NOT share your address with anyone.)
 **For those folks whose children have two homes, give us BOTH addresses by filling out the form twice. Trust us, you'll be glad you did.**
3. Then, we put y'all into Commuter Connect Pods.
4. You'll receive an email with your Podmates.
5. It is then up to YOU to reach out to your Podmates and initiate contact and connection.
(We suggest that you do it right away. Perhaps a picnic? A coffee clutch? Dog walk? Just make sure your incoming students meet!) At that time, you can discuss your preferred commuting modes.

Happy Connecting, y'all!

--MS54 PTA Commuter Connect Team

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