PRSA Central Iowa PRIME Awards Evaluation
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Scoring Instructions
1. Review the entry summary and supporting material(s).
2. Review the Scoring Key, listed below.
3. Provide a rating for each question in all three sections.
4. Add comments to support your ratings.
5. When the form is complete, click submit.

1. Totally inappropriate approach or results.
2. Poor. Almost totally inappropriate.
3. Somewhat less than satisfactory.
4. Satisfactory, fully adequate approach.
5. Somewhat better than satisfactory.
6. Significantly better than satisfactory.
7. Outstanding, insightful approach.

Part 1: Planning (40% of Total Score)
How well was the problem/opportunity defined? *
Was the audience(s) properly and clearly identified? *
Do the goals and objectives seem appropriate? Are they measurable? *
Is the budget appropriate and realistic? *
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Part II: Execution (30% of Total Score)
How well thought-out is the implementation of the entry? *
How well was the plan implemented? *
Rate the degree of creativity, originality and innovation of the project. *
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Part III: Evaluation (30% of Total Score)
Rate the evaluation process of the plan. *
How well do the stated results compare to the original objective? *
How well did the project stay within budget? *
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