Business Certifications Survey
As the sustainability field has matured, more and more certifications and standards have been created. These range from broad brush certifications of individuals, organizations, products, buildings, infrastructure, and supply chains to focused certifications on aspects such as energy, carbon, water, and waste. Certification can be very helpful internally as a way to determine the success of projects and externally to promote the success of organizational policies, plans, and programs.

However, the complexities of certification can be incredibly challenging and overwhelming for sustainability professionals and the organizations they work for. What are the best certification for a particular situation? How hard is the process and what will it cost? These are just some of the questions that sustainability professionals ask when looking at a specific certification.

The ISSP Research and Resources Committee has developed this survey to gather information as the first step in answering some of these questions. We will be using the information gathered to identify the range of certifications presently in use. We will then generate a report on the purpose, criteria, scope, and credibility of the best certifications.

Your participation in the survey will help all sustainability professionals do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. Anyone participating in the survey will receive an advance copy of the results.

If you are interested in examples of some of the certifications we may be evaluating, check out this Certification list here:

Also - if you are interested in being involved in this research project, become an ISSP Volunteer!

Please fill this out for every certification that you think we should include in the final report.

Note: This survey is focusing on certifications for organizations, products, supply chains, etc, NOT certifications for individuals. A later survey will look at the certifications available for individuals.

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Anyone participating in the survey will receive an advance copy of the results.
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