Teams Administration Update
Standards for Teams

-Team Members joining a team should NOT be a current KW Associate unless consulting with Team Leader prior to any conversation with the associate.
-Team Members who are not currently with KW must have an appointment with Team Leader prior to hire.
-Current KW Associates who are approved by the Team Leader to join a team, will NOT have a cap reduction or split adjustment until their company dollar anniversary has been met.
-Team Members must pay rainmaker a MINIMUM of 25% on all transactions.
-Team Members will not be approved or have any cap/split adjustments made until an agreement has been submitted at and approved.
-All agreements with Team Members must include compensation arrangements for each type of transaction and should a team member leave a team the agreement must include compensation schedule.
-As a reminder, Any Licensed agent with our firm may NOT be paid directly by the rainmaker without prior written approval from the Team Leader which must be uploaded at
-All Non Licensed Associates must have the GAR CO4 form included with any written team agreement uploaded at
-It is encouraged and recommended that all team members complete a KPA prior to joining the team and that Rainmakers have a conversation with the Team Leader regarding team member additions.

We are here to support your business, please don't hesitate to reach out to your leadership team to discuss.

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